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Ruční výroba kožených doplňků v ČR

Hand-made in Czechia

All Eggo products are hand-made, up to sewing of individual parts, which is done with the help of first-rate saddler’s machines. Hand-cut and hand-painted parts are furthermore sewed with special extra firm threads which adds to our bags’ durability.
Při nákupu surovin a ostatních potřebných komponentů upřednostňujeme výhradně domácí české dodavatele

Local suppliers

While purchasing materials and other components, we give priority to solely local Czech suppliers and keep in close contact with them. This way, we are able to carefully watch the premium quality of the leather, but also buckles, rivets and metal studs.
Nadstandardní záruka kožených doplňků Eggo

Extra guarantee

We want our products to keep their owners company for many years, that’s why we create the products in a way that any signs of wear out are easily fixed. We will fix your Ego product either in the warranty period, or a long time after its expiration. Most of the repairs are free of charge, more extensive repairs are made for a small fee.
Eggo kamenná prodejna / showroom - přijďte si prohlédnout naše kožené doplňky, kožené kabelky, kožené tašky, kožené brašny, výrobky z kůže

Eggo showroom

Since 2015, Eggo can be visited in Prague’s Žižkov, where the customers can examine all of our products in the nice showroom space. Furthermore, customers are able to take a look at our work shop, which is a part of the space.

Výroba kabelek Eggo je čistá ruční práce podle prověřených postupů. Naše kožené doplňky Vás budou doprovázet po dlouhá léta. Vyrábíme také batohy z kůže, kožené pásky či peněženky.


We create our products in small collections, thanks to which we can guarantee a high quality of production. Also, the small-scale production enables us to make our customers’ wishes come true and adjust the bag according to his or hers visions and ideas. Take a look at how our bag is created.